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Top 6 Bmw I 8 Roadster Pictures

Bmw I 8 Roadster. Its imposing lightweight carbon-fibre dihedral doors are combined perfectly with the exclusive all-electric soft top roof for maximum effect. As well as recuperating energy under braking, the. The most striking feature: the imposing lightweight carbon-fibre hinged doors, which can be opened comfortably.

BMW's i8 Roadster is a daily driver in supercar's clothing … (Nellie Rice)

But that's only if you charge up as frequently as possible. We've got four of the hottest roadsters around going head-to-head in our latest drag race! Deliveries to retail customers in the U. Everything a driver desires is within your reach. It still looks great, but under the surface small changes make it a tighter, more intuitive. Carbon-fiber construction enables some seriously wild shapes, like the channels inset into the rear haunches that guide air around the.

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The materials are environmentally friendly in places, but the important thing here is that the interior ambience rivals other cars costing this much and feels special. Standard interior features include heated power. Its progressive lines speak a formal language that can hardly be more dynamic.

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