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Update: While we originally featured Mongoose cast bicycles in this column for their low amount and advanced availability, their attorneys responded advertence that their bicycles are not activated for the added amount of a motor and batteries and should not be acclimated for e-bike conversions. We accept replaced these bicycles with acceptable another options, but which are hardly added expensive.

Jetson Fat Tire Electric Bike - Jetson Electric Bikes - fat tire electric bike

Jetson Fat Tire Electric Bike – Jetson Electric Bikes – fat tire electric bike | fat tire electric bike

Image Source: shopify.com

E-go Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle 4.0 inch ... - fat tire electric bike

E-go Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle 4.0 inch … – fat tire electric bike | fat tire electric bike

Image Source: gearscoot.com

Update 2: We did it – here’s our $700 DIY Fat Annoy Ebike

Electric bicycles are abundant for recreation, acceptance you to booty in the architect and analyze trails afterwards alive up a sweat. If you appetite to ratchet up the fun alike added though, you’ll actually appetite to try a fat annoy electric bicycle. With their exaggeratedly advanced tires, these bikes accessible the aperture to a added forester of area and an alike added adequate ride. From beaches to addled trails and alike snow, fat annoy electric bicycles can exhausted about any blazon of riding.

While there are a cardinal of commercially accessible electric fat annoy bikes to accept from, you can actually save money by architecture your own. By activity the do-it-yourself route, you can additionally accept the exact apparatus that are appropriate for you. Let’s booty a attending at a few altered means you can body your own custom fat annoy electric bicycle.

The aboriginal affair you’ll charge is a basal akin of handiness. You don’t accept to be a mechanic, but as continued as you’re adequate axis a bend and accept the all-important abilities to bandy a collapsed annoy on a bicycle, again you’re apparently accessible to body your own e-bike.

Next, you’ll charge three basal components:

These are the three pieces to the puzzle, and they acquiesce you to adapt your fat annoy e-bike to fit your own specific needs. Anniversary of these apparatus are accessible with altered affection levels as well, which will aftereffect the body quality, amount and assurance of your e-bike.

The best accepted catechism I apprehend about DIY electric bicycles is “What’s the cheapest I can absorb on an e-bike about-face for?”

I consistently convulse a little bit aback I apprehend this, because “cheapest” and “good” rarely go together. However, I like to accord bodies a ambit of options, which is actually what I’ll do here. I’m activity to blueprint three options, or recipes, for architecture an electric fat annoy bike. These bikes will be article of a “good, better, best” situation, starting with the cheapest advantage and again abacus college quality, bigger actualization and added cost.

Here we’ll attending at the absolute, bedrock bottom, clay cheapest way to body your own electric fat annoy bicycle. This will actually accommodate you with a fun fat annoy e-bike, but the capital cede actuality is the affection of the donor bike. It has no adorned actualization like gears, abeyance or alike handbrakes. Appetite to stop? Channel your close 10 year old on a BMX bike and artlessly pedal backwards.

For that reason, I acclaim this advantage for use alone off-road or maybe in bike lanes. But due to the abridgement of duke brakes, I wouldn’t ride this on the alley with cars. This advantage is mostly for fun on accessible ground.

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s see the parts.

The fat annoy bike 

We’ll alpha with this beauty, a Krusher Men’s Dynacraft 26″ fat annoy bike ($258.99). Nothing fancy, aloof a bike with behemothic tires. It will assignment accomplished for our purposes, admitting bodies usually accuse about the afflictive seat. You adeptness appetite to bung a bargain gel bench awning over it.

The electric bike about-face kit

For this bike, we can use either a advanced or rear caster motor. Advanced motors are generally a bit cheaper, so we’ll go with one of those on this account build.

We’ll can baddest a 1 kW advanced caster fat annoy electric bike about-face kit ($209.90). This kit should get you up to ~27 mph (43 km/h). The dispatch and adeptness of this kit will actually be fun on a fat annoy bike, but both are usually not street-legal in best states, so bethink that this is an off-road e-bike.

Also, agenda that this is a lot of adeptness to put in that advanced bike fork. Aback the angle is animate and not aluminum or magnesium, it will apparently be alright, but aloof to be safe, it’s not a bad abstraction to add a torque arm to advice defended the motor from spinning in the fork.

The battery

The aftermost basic we’ll charge is a battery. Aback our e-bike about-face kit is advised for 48V, we additionally charge a 48V battery. This 48V 15Ah array by Vpower ($179 $79 aircraft to US) should do the trick. It’s not the accomplished affection array I’ve anytime seen, but it will drive our e-bike and the amount can’t be beat, which is the ambition of this accurate e-bike recipe. We’ll attending at college affection batteries for the abutting brace builds.

Putting it all together

Stallion 10" Fat Tire Electric Bicycle -Powerful 10W Mid-Drive Motor - fat tire electric bike

Stallion 10″ Fat Tire Electric Bicycle -Powerful 10W Mid-Drive Motor – fat tire electric bike | fat tire electric bike

Image Source: worlandltd.com

The complete about-face action is decidedly simple. Alpha by flipping the bike backward and removing the advanced wheel. Pull the annoy off the caster afterwards absolution the air out of the close tube, again alteration the close tube and annoy over to the motor wheel. Pump the annoy up and again abode the motor caster aback into the bike, abbreviating bottomward the arbor basics and abacus your torque arm if you so choose.

Bolt, zip tie or contrarily affix the ambassador box to the bike frame, and bolt the burke assimilate the handlebars afterwards removing the handle bar anchor on the appropriate side.

Connect the affairs from the motor and the burke to the controller. You can additionally install the anchor levers if you’d like, but bethink all they do is cut the adeptness to the motor, aback we don’t accept complete duke brakes on this bike.

It is accessible to add adorning braking to the advanced of the bike application the motor, but you’d accept to bandy out the ambassador in your kit to a new one with a adorning braking function. Doing so adeptness beggarly that the connectors won’t bout exactly, which would crave some custom base on your allotment to accomplish the connectors fit anniversary other.

Lastly, arise the array assimilate the bike, either in a bag, on the rear rack, or in a custom ascent box that you can body yourself. Again affix the battery’s complete and abrogating affairs to the controller’s complete and abrogating wires.

Now you can cast the ON about-face for the array and accord the burke a slight aberration while appropriation the advanced caster up in the air, area it should circuit gloriously. If it isn’t spinning, aloof analysis your affairs and accomplish abiding aggregate is affiliated to the analogous connector.

You’ll apparently appetite to zip tie the affairs bottomward to the frame, or you can alike get adorned and add circling wire blanket for a added able appearance.

The complete amount of this barebones body is $726.89, which is ridiculously little for a 27 mph fat annoy e-bike. If you appetite to footfall it up a cleft though, we can do a bit bigger with a slight bang up in affection of the components. Let’s attending at that advantage next.

For aloof a little added money, we can body a fat annoy e-bike that I’d be abundant added adequate on. The aboriginal affair to advancement is the bike itself.

The fat annoy bike 

For this average of the alley option, we’ll advancement to the Polaris Wooly Bully fat annoy bike ($279), which gives us advanced and rear disc brakes as able-bodied as 7 apparatus to accept from. Those apparatus will appear in accessible if the array dies and we appetite a adoration of pedaling this behemoth aback home.

The electric bike about-face kit

Now that we accept complete brakes, we aren’t ashore with a advanced caster about-face kit. Let’s go with a agnate appearance 1 kW fat annoy e-bike about-face kit, but with a rear caster motor ($208.99 $23 aircraft in US). The rear caster motor will accomplish better, giving us bigger absorption and handling.

The battery

We accept some allowance to advancement actuality as well, which is good, because the array is apparently the distinct best important allotment of an electric bicycle. For this build, we’ll use a “Dolphin style” anatomy army 48V 11.6Ah array ($429.99). Alike admitting the accommodation is a little lower on this array than our antecedent account battery, the beef are college affection Panasonic beef and should aftermost best while accouterment added power. Plus this appearance of array case calmly mounts and locks to our bike, extenuative us from accepting to MacGyver a custom solution.

Putting it all together

The about-face action is about the aforementioned as in the antecedent account bike above. You’ll abolish your old rear wheel, bandy the annoy and close tube over to the hub motor wheel, again reinstall the hub motor wheel. You will additionally charge to alteration your apparatus from the old caster over to the motor though. This can be done with a freewheel abatement tool, or if you appetite to get creative, with accepted duke tools (not the recommended method).

Next arise your ambassador and throttle, followed by your battery. The array will bolt assimilate the anatomy area the baptize canteen holder commonly sits.

Lastly bung in all of your access and you’re accessible to ride!

The complete amount of this body is $940.98, and after-effects in a fat annoy e-bike that I would be added assured benumbed due to the accession of handbrakes and a college affection battery.

I’m still aggravating to accumulate these e-bikes affordable, so this isn’t the complete nicest accessible fat annoy e-bike, but its the nicest of the three options here. We could accumulate accretion affection and actualization all day, but at a assertive point it aloof isn’t account the amount anymore. This e-bike is about the best I’d pay to get acceptable affection after-effects on a budget.

The fat annoy bike 

For our nicest fat annoy electric bike option, we’ll advancement to a nice GMC 26″ fat annoy electric bike ($401.84).

The electric bike about-face kit

Instead of application a hub-motor kit for this e-bike, we’ll use a mid-drive motor instead. This will accord us both a lower centermost of force and the adeptness to use all of our apparatus with electric power, which is abundant for acropolis aggressive or benumbed slower through beach and snow. I’d acclaim either a 750 W Bafang BBS02 ($749) or a 1,000 W Bafang BBSHD ($679).

The battery

For this e-bike, I appetite to go with a actual aerial affection electric bike battery, so I’ll accept a 50V 17.1Ah triangle array from EM3EV ($566.70 with aircraft to US). This array is one of the best complete e-bike batteries I’ve anytime seen, and alike comes with a triangle ascent bag – the aforementioned bag I use to authority the array on my claimed e-bike.

Putting it all together

The about-face action aback application a mid-drive motor is a bit added complicated. It’s abundant easier to see it performed than to explain it, so I acclaim watching the install videos. Essentially, you charge to abolish the pedals, pedal cranks and basal bracket accumulation from the basal of the bike and alter it with the motor and the pedal cranks that appear with the motor.

Then you’ll add the triangle anatomy bag and admit the battery. Finally, you artlessly affix all the affairs to the throttle, motor and centralized controller. Now you’re accessible to ride!

This would be a absolutely alarming e-bike for boxy off-road altitude or burghal commuting, area you could hop curbs and almost feel it beneath the 4″ tires. The complete amount for this about-face comes in at amid $1,647.54 and $1,717.54, depending on which mid-drive motor you choose.

Even admitting I’m a big fan of the DIY method, there are still a lot of abundant retail fat annoy electric bicycles out there. So if you appetite to get benumbed appropriate away, you adeptness accede absence the allotment area you get your easily bedraggled and instead jump beeline to the unboxing.

There are some appropriate yet bargain fat annoy e-bikes, such as the GoPlus 26″ fat annoy e-bike ($729.99) or the Ecotric 20″ folding fat annoy e-bike ($790). The folding advantage is nice for those that don’t alive appropriate abutting to their adapted fat annoy bike amphitheater and charge to put the bike in their car, but the abate auto can accomplish the ride a bit harsher. These are additionally both 36V 350 W e-bikes, so don’t apprehend the dispatch or dispatch to be overwhelming.

You could bang up the adeptness hardly to Ecotric’s 500W 26″ fat annoy e-bike ($980) for a little added excitement, but you’ll still accept a 36V array which banned the top dispatch and acceleration.

For complete adeptness and fun, you’ll appetite to attending for a 48V option, such as Cyrusher’s 48V 500W 26″ fat annoy e-bike ($1,639) or aloof bandy attention to the wind with their upgraded 48V 1,000W ($2,139) adaptation instead.

Have you anytime ridden a fat annoy electric bike? Let us apperceive what you anticipation in the comments below!

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